Does Mold Remediation Bring Permanent Results?

A mold infestation is never a desirable thing, especially when the situation is serious. People are often shocked to learn that they have mold growing in their homes — and when they hear about the possible ramifications, they’re genuinely concerned. Exposure to toxic levels of mold can cause a whole litany of health problems in people and pets alike, and it’s no exaggeration to say that mold-infested homes simply aren’t safe. When toxic levels of mold are discovered, there’s really no choice to be address Continue reading →

How Should I Go About Choosing a Mold Remediation Company?

Whether you suspect mold is a problem in your home or just want to make sure everything’s alright (if you’ve recently bought a used home, for example), finding a good professional is important. But nobody wants to spend any more time than they have to on this task. Here are some important ways to make sure you hire a professional and reputable outfit who offers honest advice on mold-related issues. Look for companies who have been around Experience is a huge deal when you’re talking Continue reading →

Am I Legally Required to Address a Mold Situation in My Home or Business?

Running a business is about staying on top of things, being flexible, and dealing with new situations as they arise. If you can’t do this, there’s very little chance of success with any type of business. The world is constantly changing and it’s important to change along with it — while continuing to do the things you do best. But sometimes, in the midst of everything that’s going on, a rude surprise comes up. Something you didn’t expect at all, and would really rather not Continue reading →

Does it Matter What Type of Mold is Growing in My Home?

When homeowners first learn about the risks of residential mold, they’re often a little bit frustrated — especially if they’ve only recently purchased a home for the first time. Aren’t there enough details to think about already? Aren’t there enough expenses, repairs, renovation projects, and other things to worry about? Nobody’s saying that residential mold is a desirable thing — but there’s no denying that it is a reality. Every year, countless homes and businesses across the country discover mold issues in their homes and Continue reading →

Secrets of Mold Prevention for Homeowners

Everywhere you look these days, someone is trying to share a secret with you. Every infomercial on TV and every internet advertisement is full of “top secret” information to enhance your health, get a better mortgage, prevent this or that, or otherwise make your life better. There’s obviously nothing secret about this kind of thing. If it were really secret, it wouldn’t be all over TV and the internet! So what about mold prevention? You may have heard that mold is a real threat to Continue reading →

Will a Mold Cleanup Operation Affect the Value of My Home?

Nobody likes to get that call from the mold testing lab that says: Yes, you have toxic mold growing in your home. But there are also situations in which that call isn’t necessary. Sometimes pulling back an old piece of sheetrock, or lifting up a floor tile, is enough to prove that mold has been hiding in your home — and has become a significant problem. The good news for homeowners is that even if mold is discovered in your home, and even if that Continue reading →

What’s the Worst-Case Scenario with a Residential Mold Invasion?

With Halloween just around the corner, everybody is talking about their favorite horror stories. Many families are dressing up their homes with ghosts, witches, carved pumpkins, and other things that are meant to be scary (in a fun way). But could there be something else lurking in your home, something that’s actually scary in real life? Something that may have been hiding for weeks, months, or even years right under your nose? We’re talking about residential mold, of course — and it really is one Continue reading →

3 Keys to Preventing Mold This Winter

Don’t be fooled into believing that mold is a summertime problem. Sure, outdoor humidity levels are higher during the summer, and mold can certainly rear its ugly head during the warmest months of the year— but winter is also an ideal time for mold to grow, particularly inside your home, where humidity levels may be very high indeed. Why is this? Shouldn’t we expect the air to be bone dry during cold winter days and nights, and mold to therefore be a non-issue? Well, not Continue reading →

Does My Mold Prevention Expert Really Know What’s Going On?

If you have recently discovered that your house is ridden with a mold problem, you already know that the wisest decision is to address it right away. Chances are, you’ve already looked into hiring an expert to take care of the removal, and you might even have a good idea about the costs that go into such a job. What you may be curious to find more about, though, is whether the expert you hire really knows exactly how to tell where the mold is Continue reading →

Are older buildings more susceptible to mold?

If you’re the owner of an older home, or if you’re considering buying one, you may be curious to find out if older buildings are more likely to have mold problems. After all, mold lowers the value of the building, and also leads to a variety of health issues. In short, the answer is yes. Older buildings are more likely to have mold issues. Newer homes, however, can have mold problems that are just as serious if the owner does not implement proper prevention strategies. Continue reading →