We are so thankful to Al and Lisa at Certified Mold Assessments. They went above and beyond to help us. They squeezed us into their very busy schedule at the last minute during a holiday weekend. We called them because for the past year my husband, our baby, and I have been so sick with many different symptoms such as: sneezing, severe nasal congestion, coughing, sore throat, fevers, fatigue and weakness, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, wheezing, hacking, chest pain and lung pain, stomach pains, brain fog, memory loss, headaches, loss of appetite, diarrhea, frequent urination, itchy and dry skin, and burning and itchy eyes. And none of the many doctors were able to figure out why we kept falling sick and medicines weren’t helping.

Finally, in May a doctor suggested we get our townhouse that we rent from a landlord, tested for black mold. So when I called CMA I was so sick that I could barely talk without coughing. Our landlord has been notorious for taking a long time to fix things and then always having the work completed by a handyman. Last year, May 2018, our AC had a leak and then stopped working and cooling efficiently. During the months of May, June, and July we were without AC during the day and night every 2-3 days with a baby! Our landlord kept sending her friend, a handyman who is not licensed and not certified, to add Freon to it, but eventually it would run out and stop cooling. I pleaded with her to send a professional company but she refused. In July, after begging, she finally agreed to change the AC handler which had never been replaced since the townhomes were built. But her friend, the handyman who is not licensed and not certified, did the job. He was here for over 8 hours with his friend trying to install it and couldn’t even get the new unit to work.
He had to come back the next day with a different friend before it started working. So when Al and Lisa arrived and inspected they explained that all the black mold is growing in the AC handler because it was installed incorrectly. And that the black mold has spread to all of the ventilation system, vents and return vents, throughout the entire house. They showed me where to look and explained that there are gaps and holes where there shouldn’t be, and all of this mold has been growing because of the unprofessional job that was done, and also because of not having AC consistently for all those months last year. CMA was here for almost 4 hours, they took pictures, checked every room, bathroom, closet, sink, vent, ceilings, carpet, windows. They didn’t just take a few air samples and leave.

They used all sorts of equipment to moisture map and thoroughly check and inspect everything. They took mold swabs in every vent and documented and explained everything in an extremely thorough 50 page report. They also supplied us with mold lab results showing the different strands of mold and the numeric quantities of the spores. They always checked to see how we were feeling and we could tell that they were concerned and really cared. They suggested many things, and gave us all sorts of help, and took the time to answer each and every question.

We are eternally grateful to Al and Lisa for their professionalism, expertise, compassion, and much more. If you need mold testing, call them, it is worth the money.

Review by Behroz Redhead

Tested entire home’s air quality, took samples from multiple locations both inside and outside the home, had comprehensive laboratory tests performed, provided lab reports in a timely manner, and thoroughly described the results in layman’s terms.

Certified Mold Assessments, Inc. did exactly what they said they would do, and submitted comprehensive reports outlining the results and suggested ways to resolve the problems that were discovered.

Al Rabin, the owner of Certified Mold Assessments, Inc., was one of the most professional and thorough contractors I have dealt with in many years. Al was so complete in his testing that he insisted on testing our A/C units a contractor had been hired to clean earlier the same day, his thoroughness exposed a dishonest contractor, and allowed us to remedy a situation that would otherwise remain hidden and problematic. Keep up the great work!

Review by Michael R. in Land O’ Lakes, FL

Mr. Al Rabin of CMA came to my property to test for mold in our master bathroom.

Mr. Rabin tested all areas in the master bathroom as well as surrounding areas-master closet and hallway for mold. He is an extremely professional and pleasant person to work with. Shortly after testing we received the lab report via email. This report was put together by Mr. Rabin with the test findings from the lab results. A very thorough report many pages long full of information regarding what was found Not a simple yes or no for the mold but the report contained information regarding exactly what types of mold and their numbers. Mr. Rabin then took the time to go over the report with me line by line over the phone to be sure I understood exactly what I was dealing with. He also suggested, at my request, a couple of mold remediators, both also very professional people. Mr. Rabin was also kind enough to come back out to my home and test another area of concern the following week just to put my mind at ease.

Review by Erin W. in Odessa, FL

Took Mold Samples from my home and sent them to outside lab for testing and confirmation that we had mold. Answered all my questions regarding issues. Returned all calls I made to him promptly. Expedited my reports. Walked me through the process with the patience of a saint. I highly recommend Mr. Rabin.

Mr. Rabin impeccable in his professionalism, his follow through. He answered all my calls, questions and concerns regarding the mold found in our home. I called him many times and never once did he make me feel rushed or bothered by my countless inquiries. I believe he is an expert in his field, very knowledgeable. I trust him, would hire him again. Hopefully will not need to as we moved from the home with mold. When patients speak to me of their mold concerns, I confidently refer them to Mr. Rabin. I know he will help them as he did us. Honest, genuine and reliable. How refreshing in Florida!

Review by Kelly B. in Clearwater, FL

His service was exceptional . He provides a detailed laboratory report and discusses with you what the report translates to. Mold was found in the home throughout various areas.

Review by Tara R. in Lakewood Ranch, FL

I work for AllState Insurance and had to get a mold remediation for a vehicle that was flooded; the driver was highly allergic to mold. They showed up on time, very professional. They brought all the machines and ran some tests and they had the results back the next day. I would highly recommend them to anyone; they did a fabulous job. Since then, Geico has been using them too.

Review by Bob B. in St Petersburg, FL

Al was very professional, on time and communicated everything that I needed to know about my mold testing.

Review by Kathy A. in Odessa, FL

The way that he fought for me with the insurance company and showed compassion through the whole thing made me happy. He was able to get service providers to come in and do the work for me. He also helped me deal with the outside adjuster and made the whole process very easy. Now, things are better than they were before. He saw me through from the beginning to the end. I cannot rave enough about him and his company.

Review by Lawrence F. in Largo, FL

He did a mold assessment for me and found several issues in my duct work and air conditioning unit. He also did base line testing outside and inside. He also found several mold issues in my bedroom.

He was very professional and knows exactly what he is doing. He is a very caring person and works well with the insurance companies to get things resolved. He was very responsive to my needs.

Review by James St. H. in Frostproof, FL

He did mold testing on my motor coach. I had an insurance claim that they wouldn’t pay for all of the damage. His report allowed me to get that taken care of because it was so detailed and thorough. Being that they found that there was so much mold, they reopened the case. His mold testing and reports helped me out a lot.

I called him, he was there within an hour, met me several times to help me out, and his report was done in one day. I couldn’t say enough good things about him. Very professional. I would recommend him 100%.

Review by Evan M. in Ruskin, FL

Company was very understanding to my needs.

Very professional and thorough.

Kevin J. in Hudson, FL

Review by Rich T. in Riverview, FL

Extremely professional. Conducted a thorough examination of possible source problems and made sensible recommendations to reduce chances of future problems. Excellent customer service and reasonable pricing.

Review by Ryan A. in Lakeland, FL

We had the very best experience with Al. He is so professional and kind. He came out he very same day actually within an hour of our call. We had our results the next day. He always answered his phone and all of our questions. I highly recommend him and his services! FANTASTIC on all accounts.

Review by Zahra K. in Tampa, FL

Alan came out on short notice and was very accommodating. It was a pleasure working with his company.

Review by Christin C. in Dade City, FL

Company is very professional and personable. Al provided exceptional service and follow-up calls to help use determine the seriousness of our mold problem. I would highly recommend his services.

Review by Lindsay H. in Tampa, FL

We just wanted to thank you for helping us with our mold situation in our home. We received your name and number from a mold removal/remediation company here in Florida when we discovered we had mold in our home. You came to our home and made a very thorough inspection of all the areas that we suspected mold. You then took air and swab samples which went off to the lab for testing. We were surprised by the amount and types of mold found, but we were then able to get the removal/remediation work done based on your testing.

We really appreciate your company’s help in getting our mold taken care of and will definitely recommend your company in the future.

Thanks again,
Terry and John Kerekgyarto

I hired CMA when I discovered that I had mold in my home. Prior to doing any testing, I had a conference call with Al Rabin and his partner Mark to understand the scope of their company’s expertise, what I could expect going forward and what they could do to help.  In mid-August, 2011, Al conducted 9 mold tests on two separate days and I had the results back very quickly.  The tests were very comprehensive, thorough and I was impressed that both indoor and outdoor test samples were taken so that a benchmark could be established.   

I had 2 other mold testing companies conduct tests and their testing was not as thorough, nor did they test outside.  I later received a very comprehensive mold inspection report from CMA which summarized the results room by room with identified observations, recommendations and a detailed mold remediation protocol.   I was very pleased with CMA’s professionalism, qualifications, certifications, work products and their rates are very competitive.  I would highly recommend their services and can be contacted as a reference.  

Kathy Appell/Odessa, FL

Very personable; follows up; calls back and emails right away; excellent. sometimes attachments didn’t come thru from Al’s email so his wife sent them immediately from her email. Highly recommend to everyone to wants top quality service.

Michelle E. in Sarasota, FL

We did all of this long distance and Al was very accommodating and a pleasure to work with.

Fran R. in Longboat Key, FL

For being my 1’st experience w/ mold I was very satisfied w/ the process and professionalism received.

Carlos P. in Brooksville, FL

Al was on time and did a great job of finding the problems, the air samples are out now and he will send a list for solutions early next week.

Dave E. in Redington Shores, FL

I would like to thank Certified Mold Inspections for conducting a thorough and affordable inspection of my home. Their report helped me determine what actions to take after my home was damaged by water due to a faulty plumbing repair. After initially refusing to take responsibility the Insurance Compnay for the plumber eventually settled my claim and paid for the necessary repairs. I believe the report from CMI helped substantiate my claim. I would also like to say what a pleasure it was to work with someone like Alan the owner. He was very professional, his prices were fair, and seemed like he really cared about my situation. Thank you Al.

Eric O. in Spring Hill, FL

Very professional.

Krisen V. in Wesley Chapelwestly, FL

Very professional and thorough.

Kevin J. in Hudson, FL

They were very responsive and helpful. They walked me through everything and sent me an extensive report about the mold.

Kathy A.

He was very thorough, he explained everything, and I felt comfortable working with him. Very clean and helpful.

Terry K.