Will Mold Make My Pets Get Sick?

dog on a leather couch in a loft interior.

Overview The brain fog caused by mold sickness is real! When dealing with the logistics of severe mold exposure and determining what to do with your personal items, how to fix your home or whether to move, and whether your symptoms are from mold, the number of details you must deal with can be overwhelming.  … Read more

Fogging is Not a Replacement for Remediation

fogging and mold remediation

Overview By the time most people realize mold is a problem, it is a serious concern and an expensive one.  Unfortunately, the invisible enemy of mold often presents many Catch 22’s. Sometimes the area that needs to be remediated is in an unreachable area. In many cases, the price tag for complete remediation is too … Read more

5 Common Myths About Mold

Mold in a edge of a room

Unfortunately, in our line of work, we come across many situations in which a client has been told a common misconception about mold and its impact on health. It is all too common for people to minimize the effects of mold. Furthermore, many think they can clean up mold themselves and pass along utterly false … Read more

How to Find a Mold Doctor

mold doctor checking and treating the house

The Foundation of Training for Mold Doctors  Anecdotally, it has been common knowledge that indoor mold is not healthy for centuries. The importance of removing mold from the home is even alluded to in the bible. However, “mold sickness,” otherwise known as biotoxin illness or as we discussed in a recent article, CIRS, has only … Read more

The Benefits of Annual Home Inspections

technician checking the state of water pipes indoors

The Why?  Water intrusion problems and other maintenance issues in any home can be better addressed when the owner is aware of the issue at hand. The adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” could not ring more true when it comes to homeownership and creating and maintaining good air quality.  Most … Read more

Why Air Testing for Mold is Not Enough

Indoor damp & air quality (IAQ) testing.

Not all mold inspection companies are created equally. Sadly, there are varying degrees of detail and depth in which companies assess the health of a home. Unfortunately, clients often come to us when another company has already tested their home for mold. As a result, a couple of things may happen: 1.) A previous inspector … Read more

What Is CIRS?

3d Illustration virus, bacteria, cell infected organism, virus abstract background. Hepatitis viruses in infected organism.

When people ask us what we do, we respond that we specialize in mold inspections for hypersensitive individuals. The diagnostic term for the illness that this segment of the population deals with is called CIRS, otherwise known as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. That’s a mouthful! Of course, the next natural question is, “What is CIRS?”  … Read more