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What Does Mold Do To Your Brain?

With the pace of modern construction and the transition to the use of drywall as a go-to building material, rates of indoor fungal growth are on the rise. Climate humidity levels can affect indoor dampness levels. However, the WHO has estimated that dampness in Australia, Europe, India, Japan, and North America is a problem in 10-50% of dwellings. The estimate for fungal growth in North America is consistent with that at 15-40% of homes. These are no small percentages!

Why Sampling Mold Is Important

As one of the few mold inspection companies specializing in cases involving hypersensitive individuals, we get countless calls, messages, and emails inquiring about advice on whether a person should stay or leave their residence. People will describe a situation and seek specific answers about what is safest for them.  Every time our answer is: We … Read more

Should I Worry About Mold In Hotel Rooms?

room in a hotel

When dealing with biotoxin illness and hypersensitivity to mold, the worrying doesn’t stop once you leave home. We understand that you must be vigilant about mold avoidance or minimization no matter where you go. Travel is unavoidable; whether it’s for work, vacation, or visiting family or friends, hotel or Airbnb travel will be necessary at … Read more

What Are Mycotoxins?

mycotoxins in the lungs

We hear so much about toxic mold. What is it that makes mold so toxic? In short, mycotoxins are the toxins released by a fungus (mold). There are over 500,000 species of mold, but only 200 of them are considered toxic to humans. Those 200 molds release mycotoxins which is what makes them harmful. Mycotoxins … Read more

Will Mold Make My Pets Get Sick?

dog on a leather couch in a loft interior.

Overview The brain fog caused by mold sickness is real! When dealing with the logistics of severe mold exposure and determining what to do with your personal items, how to fix your home or whether to move, and whether your symptoms are from mold, the number of details you must deal with can be overwhelming.  … Read more

Fogging is Not a Replacement for Remediation

fogging and mold remediation

Overview By the time most people realize mold is a problem, it is a serious concern and an expensive one.  Unfortunately, the invisible enemy of mold often presents many Catch 22’s. Sometimes the area that needs to be remediated is in an unreachable area. In many cases, the price tag for complete remediation is too … Read more

5 Common Myths About Mold

Mold in a edge of a room

Unfortunately, in our line of work, we come across many situations in which a client has been told a common misconception about mold and its impact on health. It is all too common for people to minimize the effects of mold. Furthermore, many think they can clean up mold themselves and pass along utterly false … Read more