5 Common Myths About Mold

Mold in a edge of a room

Unfortunately, in our line of work, we come across many situations in which a client has been told a common misconception about mold and its impact on health. It is all too common for people to minimize the effects of mold. Furthermore, many think they can clean up mold themselves and pass along utterly false … Read more

Is There a Way to Get Rid of Mold Naturally?

Many homeowners use chlorine bleach whenever they are faced with a mold problem. While it may seem to work in the short term, it can be costly in the long run as it poses a significant threat to your health and property. The harsh chemical products used to get rid of mold can cause damage … Read more

DIY Vs Professional Mold Removal. Which is better?

Mold growing in the basement can be a danger to your health, your belongings, and the entire building. Inhaling mold spores accidentally increases the risk of allergies, respiratory illnesses, and other serious health conditions. Mold growth on walls, ceiling, and other surfaces not only causes significant damage but also makes these structures unsightly and less … Read more

5 Reasons Why DIY Mold Removal is not Safe

Many homeowners would love to do mold removal by themselves. This is understandable because hiring a professional to remove mold for you can be quite expensive. Therefore, most people would rather remove mold themselves so as to save money. Others would do it to derive the satisfaction that comes from solving problems. It might make … Read more

Can the Mold Removal Process Damage My Home?

If you live in a humid area or just don’t have great ventilation in all parts of your house, mold can more than a pesky annoyances. Not only can this silent intruder be dangerous to the health of anyone who lives in (or visits) your home, it can also cause serious structural damage to the … Read more

Three Common Excuses For Not Getting Rid of Mold

In years past, people worried much less about mold in their homes. It must have been nice to carry on with daily tasks, without giving much thought to the threat of mold growing in the home. The problem is, mold was growing in many American homes. People just didn’t know it. As a result, they … Read more