Secrets of Mold Prevention for Homeowners

Everywhere you look these days, someone is trying to share a secret with you. Every infomercial on TV and every internet advertisement is full of “top secret” information to enhance your health, get a better mortgage, prevent this or that, or otherwise make your life better. There’s obviously nothing secret about this kind of thing. … Read more

3 Keys to Preventing Mold This Winter

Don’t be fooled into believing that mold is a summertime problem. Sure, outdoor humidity levels are higher during the summer, and mold can certainly rear its ugly head during the warmest months of the year— but winter is also an ideal time for mold to grow, particularly inside your home, where humidity levels may be … Read more

5 Ways to Prevent Mold from Starting

Residential mold is never a welcome sight, especially when you consider the ramifications. It can wreak havoc on property values, lead to complex and costly cleanup operations, and seriously affect the health of anyone exposed to it — including pets. The problem is, homeowners have enough to think about already. Mold is one of those … Read more

Household Paint that Prevents Mold: Is it Worth the Money?

As a homeowner, the war against mold is never really over. The moment you forget about mold prevention and remediation, or stop paying attention to the indoor conditions that foster mold growth, your chances of attracting mold will begin to increase. That’s why ongoing prevention is so much better than remediation and cleanup—even if there … Read more

Should I Waterproof My Basement to Prevent Mold?

When you learn about how costly a mold invasion can be—both to your property value and to you home—you start to wonder what you can do to prevent it from happening. Waterproofing the basement is one thing that comes up again and again in mold prevention discussions. Homeowners often wonder a) how much it costs, … Read more

Mold Prevention Techniques Every Homeowner Should Know

Any homeowner who has been through a costly mold removal process will tell you they would have done things differently. It may have started as a small and relatively harmless problem. It may even have been invisible for a long period of time. But eventually, the infestation grew to the point where professional intervention was … Read more