Does My Mold Prevention Expert Really Know What’s Going On?

If you have recently discovered that your house is ridden with a mold problem, you already know that the wisest decision is to address it right away. Chances are, you’ve already looked into hiring an expert to take care of the removal, and you might even have a good idea about the costs that go into such a job. What you may be curious to find more about, though, is whether the expert you hire really knows exactly how to tell where the mold is and how to correctly remove it.

Here are some of the tools that mold prevention experts use when they are testing your home.

Infrared lights

Most mold experts identify the moisture problem before actual structural damage occurs. Of course, this is not always possible; but hopefully you will not have to remove too much of the structural bones from your home in order to get rid of the problem. This infrared detector easily locates moisture hiding behind walls or under the floorboards. This tool is state of the art in finding sources of moisture causing your mold problem that would not otherwise be easily findable. It is instant and excels in diagnosing mold issues. Also, UV lamps break up the microorganisms and contaminants as they pass by the lamp, effectively cleaning the air as it does so.

Lab testing

Lab tests used by experts effectively identify over twenty different types of mold. The route of action that your mold expert decides to take depends on what type of mold you have in your home. Lab testing will help them narrow the best course of action for you. Home test kits that you can purchase at the hardware store, though, are not always reliable, and it is best to let an expert handle this part of the evaluation process.

Moisture meter

A non-invasive moisture meter searches for and measures levels of moisture that occur below the surface. It is able to distinguish between the moisture that is on the surface and the moisture that is further below. This tool can be used simultaneously with probes and attachments specifically designed for measuring the moisture in wood to ensure that an accurate measurement will be achieved.

Why you should hire an expert

The tools listed above are costly, and using them effectively takes years of experience and training. The best way to ensure that the best tools are used for your home’s mold search is to hire an experienced and knowledgeable mold expert. They will have updated tools at their disposal and know how to read telltale signs and be aware of the best places to look.

A wide spectrum of tools

Mold in the home is bound to be a hassle, but when you hire a knowledgeable professional, the mold testing and removal process will be much smoother than if you were to try to handle the situation yourself. Not only do they have a wide spectrum of tools at their disposal, but they will also fit their skills to your personal situation. Mold, as always, is a dangerous invasion and should be handled right away.