How Far Can a Mold Invasion Go?

There are homeowners who typically think about what could go wrong with their property, and there are others who tend to stay on the positive side of things. Actually, a lot of those homeowners who do think about what could go wrong with their property are thinking strategically, not negatively. By visualizing and being aware of all the different things that could go wrong, it’s easier to put strong preventative measures in place. Over time, this adds up to lower operating costs for the home, Continue reading →

What Protective Gear Do Professionals Wear During Mold Removal?

Mold is one of those thing most of us see in a given week. We might see it on a loaf of bread, a package of strawberries, or a stack of old magazines. It seems relatively harmless in these cases, and it’s difficult to imagine a full-scale mold invasion that could affect your health or bring down your property values. But make no mistake – mold can be dangerous. In fact, the people who are most directly exposed to the dangers of mold are often Continue reading →

What You Can (and Can’t) Know By Looking at Mold

We live in an increasingly visual age – there’s just no getting around it. So much of the information we get these days is through video, infographics, and other visual cues. For many people, this is simply a more effective way to learn and engage with the world around us. That old saying – “seeing is believing” – has a lot of truth in it. But there are some things we just can’t always see, and we have to rely on other means. Mold is Continue reading →

3 Signs of a Recent Mold Invasion

Mold can be a very tricky customer, and it’s not always apparent how extensive a mold problem may be – or whether the problem even exists. That’s why professionals are available to conduct detailed mold assessment, inspection, and scientific mold testing services. Using years of training and a professional toolkit, they systematically remove all the guesswork and get to the bottom of the situation. This is, of course, very useful to any homeowner who doesn’t want to take any chances with their family’s health or Continue reading →

What Happens if You Neglect a Mold Problem in Your Basement or Attic?

Procrastination is something we all do from time to time. Whether it’s work, school, fitness, or any other aspect of life, sometimes we just don’t have the time to deal with things right away. It’s much more convenient to put it off until later. The question is, what will the consequences be? In the vast majority of situations, a little procrastination isn’t something to worry much about. Putting it off until tomorrow won’t have any serious consequences, and when it finally gets done, you can Continue reading →

Is Professional Mold Testing Accurate?

If you had a dollar for every time some company or TV commercial promised you something impossible, you’d probably be able to retire tomorrow. It seems like everywhere we look these days, outlandish claims are being made. Lose weight simply by taking pills or wearing a special brace. Make millions by using a “proven” system that doubles or triples your investments in days. Make your natural hair grow back simply by applying a special cream to your head. Are any of these claims legitimate? No Continue reading →

What are the Risks of Toxic Mold?

There’s a reason why scary movies never seem to go out of style – people like a good scare once every so often. Call it a natural human instinct. There’s a definite chemical rush involved, and some people like it more than others. But when it comes to real life situations, it’s a completely different story. We’re not talking about the kind of thing you see in scary movies, but everyday situations that are scary for real and practical reasons. Residential mold problems, for instance. Continue reading →

What is Mold Remediation?

Of all the problems you have to deal with as a homeowner, a mold invasion can be one of the most unexpected — and troublesome. If you’ve kept up with the latest information on the health effects of acute or toxic mold exposure, you know it’s not something you want to mess with. Too many (or the wrong kind) of mold spores in the air can lead to all kinds of respiratory problems, to say nothing of skin rashes and even neurological effects. Then there’s Continue reading →

Health Problems You Didn’t Know Mold Could Cause

Mold spores are everywhere, like it or not. In fact, they perform a valuable function in the ecosystem — so it wouldn’t actually be a good thing to eradicate all mold from the face of the earth. But when it comes to our homes, it’s important to keep mold at ordinary levels. If mold spores get out of hand due to an undetected (or neglected) mold infestation, a whole list of health risks come into play. Here are a few mold-related health risks you might Continue reading →

How Accurate is Professional Mold Inspection?

If every mold invasion were glaringly obvious, professional mold inspection wouldn’t really be necessary. You would be able to clearly see that a problem existed, and move straight on to the remediation or “removal” phase. Also, there would hardly be any advanced cases of mold, since people would see the problem and catch it right away. As it happens, mold isn’t always easy to detect. Even if you have no visible signs of mold, you might be feeling the health effects of mold exposure. Or Continue reading →