10 Gift Suggestions for the Moldie in Your Life

Do you or someone you know suffer from mold sickness? Do you know someone who has lost all their belongings due to water damage or are trying to recover from chronic health issues caused by their dwelling? Are you left scratching your head as to what to get them for the holidays this year? 

Mold Sickness, clinically referred to as CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome), is an all-encompassing event. It is an issue that affects all aspects of life and dramatically inhibits the quality of life for those who experience it. It is not only a physical drain but a personal crisis, an emotional trauma, and an extreme financial strain. We see it all too often in our work and wanted to get this list together to help those traumatically affected by mold. 

air purifier for the house or office

It is challenging for many people, who are not as sensitive, to understand the extremes those affected by CIRS must go. In many cases, those who are highly sensitive to water-damaged buildings and the mycotoxins they create must walk away from everything they own and start over. Not only are they starting over with a new, often more minimalistic, set of belongings, but they must now focus on creating a safe, clean environment in which they can heal. This doesn’t happen overnight and calls for specific mold-busting products.

Thankfully, there are so many ways to improve the quality of the air we breathe and come into contact with in our living space! If you wonder what to buy your friend or loved one going through a water-damage crisis, we have put together this list to help you. 

  1. The gift of clean water – who doesn’t want that? New Wave Shower Filter. This filter is under $40 and easily screws onto most showerheads. It is so easy to install and take off; therefore it is useful in rentals as well.
  2. Most moldies prefer to wash their clothes in a solution that rids belongings of mycotoxins. One of those products is made by Microbalance Health Solutions: EC3 Laundry Booster. Under $25, this gift will let the moldie in your life know you are thinking of them! 
  3. Are you looking for a larger gift? There are many fantastic air purifiers on the market, but this one is one of our favorites. It helps minimize mycotoxins from mold and VOC’s in the air that are often released from new building materials. IQ-Air Multi-Gas
  4. Cleaning sinuses is something that those affected by CIRS must address. A quality Neti Pot is a daily tool. 
  5. The GreenTech PureWash Pro is an attachment to your laundry machine that eliminates the need for laundry detergent! This is undoubtedly a luxury item any moldie would love to have. 
  6. Travel Air Purifier by Air Tamer – another excellent product for small spaces for travel. This is not just applicable for mold but Covid as well.
  7. Handheld Travel Essential Oil Diffusor can help clean your airspace on a plane or in whichever mode of travel, which is especially handy during a pandemic. 
  8. Fogger and EC3 Solution bundle by Microbalance Health Products – Those affected by CIRS must fog their living and workspaces frequently. 
  9. Many great books can help someone with mold issues in their home and body, two of them are Break the Mold – Dr. Jill Crista and Kristin Hodgkinson (to heal the body) and The Mold Medic  An Expert’s Guide on Mold Removal – Michael Rubino (to heal your home)
  10. Biocidin LSF is a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic and antifungal that can be helpful in many circumstances. Although this doesn’t seem like a fun gift, it will make their day to someone going through it. 

Even though many of these suggestions are ideal for someone with CIRS, we can all benefit from less toxic exposures, cleaner air, and cleaner water.

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Of course, another great gift is a mold inspection by Certified Mold Assessments – Book yours today! We look forward to continuing the conversation.