What Does Mold Do To Your Brain?

With the pace of modern construction and the transition to the use of drywall as a go-to building material, rates of indoor fungal growth are on the rise. Climate humidity levels can affect indoor dampness levels. However, the WHO has estimated that dampness in Australia, Europe, India, Japan, and North America is a problem in 10-50% of dwellings. The estimate for fungal growth in North America is consistent with that at 15-40% of homes. These are no small percentages!

How Accurate is Professional Mold Inspection?

If every mold invasion were glaringly obvious, professional mold inspection wouldn’t really be necessary. You would be able to clearly see that a problem existed, and move straight on to the remediation or “removal” phase. Also, there would hardly be any advanced cases of mold, since people would see the problem and catch it right … Read more

When is it Time for a Professional Mold Inspection?

When you become a homeowner, your scheduling and organizational skills are really tested for the first time. Suddenly, you find yourself in charge of an entire property where any number of things could go wrong at virtually any time. There are plumbing and electrical issues to consider. There is roofing, renovation, chimney sweeping, driveway asphalt, … Read more

Four Misconceptions About Mold in Your Home

In this age of information, misconceptions are more common than ever. Of course, we also have a lot of valid, useful knowledge that past generations may not have had. But it’s hard to tell fact from fiction sometimes, especially when it comes to important homeowner issues like remodeling, energy efficiency, or protection against mold growth. … Read more

What Happens During a Professional Mold Inspection?

Americans have been living with mold for a long time. It’s only in recent years that public health organizations and modern medical science have allowed a closer look into the risks posed by this microscopic invader. The health problems cause by mold are usually what people are most interested in learning about, and for good … Read more