How Accurate is Professional Mold Inspection?

If every mold invasion were glaringly obvious, professional mold inspection wouldn’t really be necessary. You would be able to clearly see that a problem existed, and move straight on to the remediation or “removal” phase. Also, there would hardly be any advanced cases of mold, since people would see the problem and catch it right away.

As it happens, mold isn’t always easy to detect. Even if you have no visible signs of mold, you might be feeling the health effects of mold exposure. Or you might not notice the health effects, and be completely unaware that there’s actually a surplus of mold spores in the air you’re breathing. The source of this mold could be out of sight, behind the walls, under the floorboards, or even in the ductwork. And while fear mongering is never productive, the fact is that invisible mold problems can spread and multiply undetected. Before you know it, you’ve got a serious issue on your hand.

Professional mold inspection is the key to staying on top of things, and making sure a little problem doesn’t turn into something big. After all, these are trained experts who know what to look for. They’ve spent years investigating and cleaning up mold in all kinds of scenarios, and they’ve picked up a lot of tricks along the way. The average homeowner isn’t going to be able to see the same signs or make the same determinations.

The big question is: Can you trust a mold inspection professional to give you sound and reliable advice? When they tell you that action is needed, can you trust them? When they tell you everything is fine, is it accurate?

These questions are important. Being able to trust your mold inspection professional makes all the difference as you move forward (or not) with your mold remediation efforts. Nobody wants to feel like a contractor is giving them inaccurate information in order to secure a contract. On the other hand, nobody wants to bring in a mold specialist who “fails” to find the real problem. This is equally disadvantageous from a homeowner’s perspective.

The best signs you can trust a mold contractor for reliable information are communication and reputation. Communication means the contractor gets back to you in a timely way and answers all your questions patiently. When they visit your home, they take their time to explain what they’re looking for and what they’ve found. They don’t rush the process, and they value your time as much their own. Reputation means solid customer reviews on social media and other web channels. It also means having a well-presented web site with lots of good information on mold remediation and other mold-related issues.

Finally, you want someone who comes to your house with a professional appearance and modern tools. You should notice professionalism in the way they inspect and discuss your home and any possible mold problems you might have, and their answers to your questions should give you an immediate sense of confidence that your interests are aligned with theirs. If you find a contractor like this, you’ll be well on your way to solving and preventing any mold-related issues you may be having.