What Happens If Mold is Found After a Home Inspection?

Many homebuyers withdraw from a home sale when mold has been discovered after a home inspection. Mold is quite unnoticeable in small amounts but can be a serious problem when it finds a moist and damp environment in your house. Potential buyers may have mixed reactions even if mold is found in a small area of your home, as they may be worried that mold is everywhere.

Some people may be concerned about the health effects of mold and potential liability for mold remediation. Other buyers may be worried that your home has bigger water problems since mold only thrives well where water is present. This article discusses what happens if mold is found after a home inspection and why it affects the sale of a home.

  • Assess the Extent and Cause of Mold

As a homebuyer, you need to ask your home inspector any question you can think of regarding the mold problem. He or she may advise you accordingly based on their report but it may not be enough if you do not have an idea of the extent of mold growth in the house. Before bailing out of a home sale, it is important to assess the extent and cause of mold in the home since some mold problems can easily be fixed before moving to a new home. Since it is not the job of your home inspector to do a mold test, you may require the help of a certified mold expert to conduct a deeper assessment and determine the exact cause of mold.

  • Get a Quote

If you never saw the mold problem first-hand during the inspection, your realtor can ask the seller to allow some additional time for thorough mold testing and inspection by a certified mold removal technician. This makes it easier to estimate the amount of money it will cost to conduct mold remediation and keep it away for good. You can determine what the price range will be by getting a quote from at least two or three local companies. It is recommended to remain on-site even if you do not know much about mold and ask many questions to ensure everyone is doing their job perfectly. A quote helps to determine the overall price of the home after setting aside the budget for mold remediation.

  • Negotiate the Price

You can either request the seller to remedy the situation using a service provider of your choice or negotiate on a lower sale price to offset the cost of repairs you will perform after getting your home keys. Although it can save you the hassle to have the seller take care of the mold, they might try to save money where possible even if they use your company to conduct the service. The best way to go is to take direct control of the process even if it means adding one more thing to your enormous to-do list as you prepare to move to your new home. The decision to purchase a home has decades of impact so it is advisable to take your emotions out of the deal since mold is not something that you can mess around with.

  • Get the Problem Fixed

If you have already agreed on a price that works for you, then it is important to have the problem fixed before moving physically into your new home. If you are such in a hurry, you can even schedule it to start on the first day you get the keys. This gives plenty of space for your mold remediation crew to perform any needed repairs. Not only will you save yourself the hassle of moving furniture and boxes when the crew is at work but it also keeps you and your family safe from any mold exposure.

  • Post Remediation Inspection

Post remediation inspection is necessary as it helps to confirm that the mold remediation crew completed the project successfully. It also helps to identify other areas of your home that still need remediation before the mold can develop into a serious problem in the future. Post remediation inspection gives the assurance of safety before moving into a new home.

Homebuyers have the right to be cautious when purchasing a home, especially if a mold problem might be present. Both the buyer and the seller need to come into terms with one another when negotiating the price of such a home. Since the house you are purchasing is a place where you will be spending most of the time with your family, it is important to ensure it is free of any mold problems or structural issues that may cost you in the future.