What Does Mold Do To Your Brain?

With the pace of modern construction and the transition to the use of drywall as a go-to building material, rates of indoor fungal growth are on the rise. Climate humidity levels can affect indoor dampness levels. However, the WHO has estimated that dampness in Australia, Europe, India, Japan, and North America is a problem in 10-50% of dwellings. The estimate for fungal growth in North America is consistent with that at 15-40% of homes. These are no small percentages!

3 Common Mistakes that Lead to Mold Problems

As a homeowner, nobody wants to make costly mistakes – and yet the pitfalls are everywhere. That’s part of what makes being a homeowner so challenging and exciting. There is no end to the challenges that arise, and doing things the right way means greater financial health over the long term. Residential mold is one … Read more

4 Common Hiding Places for Springtime Mold

When you’ve been through a long winter (as we go through every year here in New Jersey, more or less), there are plenty of cobwebs and dusty corners by the time spring rolls around. Effectively, your home has been shut tight for the past 4 or 5 months. In many cases, the air has been … Read more

Does it Matter What Type of Mold is Growing in My Home?

When homeowners first learn about the risks of residential mold, they’re often a little bit frustrated — especially if they’ve only recently purchased a home for the first time. Aren’t there enough details to think about already? Aren’t there enough expenses, repairs, renovation projects, and other things to worry about? Nobody’s saying that residential mold … Read more

Does Mold Risk Decrease When the Weather Gets Cold?

Obviously, not every American lives in an area with four distinct seasons. For people who live in particularly dry and arid environments such as Arizona or Nevada, residential mold tends to be less of an issue. This is mainly because the humidity in the air is consistently low, which makes it more difficult for various … Read more

What Renters Need to Know About Mold

When it comes to your home, there are certain advantages to renting instead of owning. You don’t have to mow the lawn or worry about general maintenance issues. If something goes wrong, you simply dial a number and wait for the superintendent to show up. And when you decide to move, all you have to … Read more