Can Mold Cause Neurological Problems?

Mold-related illnesses are very prevalent in patients with compromised or weakened immune systems. Mold-related health conditions can manifest themselves with neuropsychiatric symptoms such as anxiety, depression, brain fog, and attentional problems. Long-term exposure to mold toxins can be detrimental when they accumulate in the body as they may require a prolonged course of treatment. The … Read more

3 Simple Ways to Keep Mold Away

If you ask the average homeowner about their mold prevention strategy, they’ll probably answer by scratching their head. Mold isn’t something that most people spend a lot of time thinking about until it becomes a serious problem. By then, prevention measures are too late; remediation is the only solution. It’s possible to prevent this type … Read more

Does it Matter What Type of Mold is Growing in My Home?

When homeowners first learn about the risks of residential mold, they’re often a little bit frustrated — especially if they’ve only recently purchased a home for the first time. Aren’t there enough details to think about already? Aren’t there enough expenses, repairs, renovation projects, and other things to worry about? Nobody’s saying that residential mold … Read more

What are the Biggest Health Risks of Residential Mold?

We’ve all heard stories about mold infestations that make people ill, but these are usually cases of gross negligence — right? We may see pictures of mold-infested homes and think, ‘that will never happen to us.’ The truth is, however, that most problematic mold infestations aren’t going to produce dramatic photos, or make the evening … Read more

Types of Residential Mold

Everyone knows the feeling of disappointment and disgust that comes with opening a container of food and seeing multi-colored mold growing there. Finding moldy food or any other kind of mold in living spaces can never be a positive thing. However, while some mold, such as that found on food, is easily seen, there are … Read more

3 Important Questions to Ask About Residential Mold

As a homeowner, you invest constantly in the place you live and call your own. You know that keeping up the value of your home is important, especially if selling the home in the near future is a consideration. Home improvement shows and do-it-yourself tutorials are enormously popular. However, all the upgrades you make to … Read more