Can Mold Cause Neurological Problems?

Mold-related illnesses are very prevalent in patients with compromised or weakened immune systems. Mold-related health conditions can manifest themselves with neuropsychiatric symptoms such as anxiety, depression, brain fog, and attentional problems. Long-term exposure to mold toxins can be detrimental when they accumulate in the body as they may require a prolonged course of treatment. The … Read more

Why is Black Mold so Common and Dangerous?

Often invisible and highly toxigenic, black mold can grow inside homes, workplaces, and schools for years without detection. The growth of this toxic substance is usually fueled by damp conditions, and people exposed to it are at risk of health complications like allergies, asthma, and depression. According to research, over 30 million chronic sinus infections … Read more

Is Mold Dangerous?

Mold is associated with negative health effects especially for those individuals exposed over a long period. It can cause throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, coughing, and wheezing. People suffering from mold allergies may experience severe reactions and may compromise your immune system leading to serious lung infections. Molds can make you sick whether you are allergic … Read more

Are Some Types of Mold More Toxic Than Others?

Residential mold is no laughing matter. This has been proven time and time again by the health problems people have developed as a result of prolonged or acute exposure to different types of mold. It has also been proven by the devastating effects mold has had on property values. When a home has a serious … Read more

What are the Risks of Toxic Mold?

There’s a reason why scary movies never seem to go out of style – people like a good scare once every so often. Call it a natural human instinct. There’s a definite chemical rush involved, and some people like it more than others. But when it comes to real life situations, it’s a completely different … Read more