Are My Health Symptoms Related to Mold Exposure?

Health risks are one of the main reasons why people guard carefully against residential mold. It’s true that mold colonies can cause serious structural and financial problems for your home, but the list of potential symptoms for acute mold exposure is far more troubling. Homeowners work hard to keep their families healthy, and neglecting potential … Read more

You Never Thought Mold Would Grow Here

The average homeowner makes thousands of decisions every year, from maintenance and utilities to renovations and repairs. Keeping our homes running smoothly involves thinking ahead and being aware of minor issues before they develop into major problems. Mold is a prime example. We all know that large scale mold invasions are something that can creep … Read more

Mold Mishaps: Three Common Errors Made By Homeowners

People don’t like mold growing in their refrigerators, much less behind their walls and in their homes, throwing toxic spores into the air. A bad mold invasion compromises the quality of breathable air and threatens the value of the property long term. Plus, the idea of mold growing unseen is an unpleasant thought for most … Read more