Watch Out for These Mold Warning Signs!

Mold is a tricky adversary. It grows silently, methodically, behind the scenes without anyone noticing. Before you know it, the problem has gotten out of hand. There’s mold on the walls, mold in the kitchen, mold on the tile—mold everywhere! But if you had known what to look for, you might have been able to … Read more

Natural Mold Removal Techniques: Do They Work?

When you think of professional mold removal, what comes to mind? Many people think of harsh industrial chemicals with possible side effects. People who are more health-conscious are especially likely to seek alternative solutions when they face a mold problem in their home or business. The truth is, every home and business owner should be … Read more

The 4 Most Common Mold Problems and Solutions

When mold growth gets out of the hand, the consequences can affect your peace of mind, your family’s health, and even the value of your property. The microscopic nature of mold spores means mold is highly opportunistic. It uses every means available, without apology, to grow and spread throughout your home or business. If mold … Read more

Got Mold? Watch Out for These Hidden Sources

It’s common knowledge that mold needs a specific set of conditions in order to thrive. Moisture, food and warmth are essential. Mold also prefers to grow in dark places where it won’t be disturbed. For example, a wallpapered corner of a room that’s constantly damp from leaky pipes is almost sure to attract mold of … Read more

How Environmentally Safe is Mold Removal?

People want to get rid of mold, sure—but they also want to know how it will be done, and whether the mold remediation process will damage the environment in any way. This is, of course, a positive thing. Mold remediation specialists should be able to answer straightforward questions about the methods they use to eliminate … Read more