Should I Have My Property Tested for Mold?

blogs1When you notice mold growing in your home or business, what’s the first thing you do? Many people start scrubbing and attacking the mold with chemicals, hoping to get rid of it as quickly as possible. But there’s something important they don’t realize. There are hundreds of different varieties of mold. They have various degrees of toxicity, and require different measures for total eradication.

For the mold you do notice, as well as the mold you don’t notice (and many mold infestations go unnoticed), there’s a more effective way to form your mold removal strategy. Mold testing is fast, easy and cost-efficient. All you have to do is find a reputable mold removal specialist to visit your property, conduct an inspection, and take samples for lab testing. This will give you crucial information about the problem at hand, including:

What species of mold is growing in your home or business
How extensive/advanced the infestation has become
The best methods and techniques for eliminating the problem at its source
How to prevent the mold from coming back.

Professional mold testing is cost-efficient

Many qualified specialists will perform a full inspection, including lab testing, at a rate of $350 or lower. Obviously this isn’t peanuts, and it’s a check you probably won’t be thrilled to write—but when you consider the long-term costs of letting mold grow unchecked (health, remediation costs, property value, etc.), mold testing turns out to be a very good value indeed.

The cost of mold testing depends on a few key variables such as the size of the property, and whether the colony is small or advanced. But for the most part, mold testing comes at fairly low rates, especially considering the cost and time involved in scientific lab testing.

Professional mold testing doesn’t take long

This isn’t a process that’s going to drag on for days or weeks. Professionals and trained, experienced, and they know exactly what to look for. Most specialists will be in and out of your property within a few hours, and lab results usually come within one or two days. Of course, you don’t want a specialist who works too quickly. The goal is to conduct a thorough inspection and leave the site with dependable mold samples. Professionals are normally able to do this without causing much disturbance to your family or employees.

Professional mold testing is dependable and accurate

Professional mold testing specialists rely on extensive experience and special equipment to get the job done right. The ability to assess the extent of a mold invasion, and to analyze the appearance of mold under a microscope, is a skill that takes years of training. As a result, licensed specialists are highly successful in accurately and definitely assessing your mold problem in order to form a strategy of remediation and long-term prevention.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) makes it clear that mold growth is not something to be taken lightly or handled carelessly. Two very big things are at stake: The health of your family or employees, and the integrity of your property. Making a small investment in mold assessment and testing may be an expense you’d rather avoid, but it’s worth it in the long haul. It’s fast, easy and cost-efficient to get a clear handle on your mold problem and solve it the right way.

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