What Can You Use to Kill Mold In the House?

Mold infestation brings so many problems with it to the house and its occupants. To begin with, mold exposure can be very harmful to your health since it is known to be the leading cause of most allergies and respiratory-related diseases such as asthma. If you happen to see signs of mold infestation in your … Read more

5 Ways to Rid the Air in Your Home of Mold Spores

It is quite difficult to get rid of mold completely especially if you are experiencing a recurring problem. Mold spores that are released into the air are toxic when inhaled or ingested. It is easy to inhale them accidentally because they are microscopic in nature. Symptoms of mold spores in the lungs include persistent cough, … Read more

What are the Real Costs of Mold Infestation?

Most people know that mold is not something you want hanging around the house. After all, when a minor mold problem is left unchecked, it might become a major mold problem. The colony expands deep into the walls, floors and ceilings. Cleaning is no longer an option. Professionals have to remove and dispose of infected … Read more

Natural Mold Removal Techniques: Do They Work?

When you think of professional mold removal, what comes to mind? Many people think of harsh industrial chemicals with possible side effects. People who are more health-conscious are especially likely to seek alternative solutions when they face a mold problem in their home or business. The truth is, every home and business owner should be … Read more