Mold Remediation: What’s the Process Like?

check listIf you’ve recently become aware of a mold problem in your home or business, and you’re ready to take action with professional mold remediation, you probably have a few important questions. What will the actual process of getting rid of the mold look like? Will the procedure take days, weeks, months? Will it be necessary to stay away from certain parts of your home, or even leave altogether during the remediation process?

Dealing with mold head on is generally a good decision, but it’s crucial to have an idea of what to expect. We’ve written this breakdown of the mold remediation process in hopes of making your experience smoother, easier and more predictable.

1. Assessing the situation

There are many types of mold and mold infestations, so the first step is always the professional assessment. This involves a visit to your home or business by trained mold removal specialists.

Many companies make use of sophisticated thermal imaging, in addition to other professional techniques, to get a sense of where mold is most likely to be growing in your home. Once this has taken place, samples of mold will be transferred to a lab for scientific analysis. This enables the specialists to determine exactly what type of mold is growing in your home, which will affect the overall remediation strategy.

2. Determining Your Remediation Strategy

The exact nature of your remediation strategy is contingent on the species of mold you’re dealing with, the size of the infestation, how easy it is to reach the mold, and whether any aspects of your home are beyond cleaning and need to be replaced. One aspect of a good remediation specialist is that they will always discuss the strategy with you in detail and respond clearly to any concerns or questions that arise during the first two steps of the process.

3. Removing the Mold

One the situation has been carefully assessed and a strategy determined, it’s time to act. If the infestation is minor, this step might only take one or two days. But in cases where mold has grown extensively over a long period of time, remediation can take days or even weeks.

You’ll notice that your mold remediation team use extensive protection, including full-body suits, during the actual cleaning and removal process. This is due to the very real dangers presented by acute exposure to mold.

In terms of cleaning and removing the mold, the technicians will use a variety of methods including chemical treatments, sealants, and containment techniques to remove the existing mold and help prevent regrowth.

4. Cleaning up

Cleanup is a crucial part of the remediation process. It’s important to remove the presence of mold spores, including those present on tools and building materials. If cleanup isn’t carried out properly, the mold infestation can easily persist. Qualified mold specialists will be extremely careful and meticulous during this final phase of the process.

What’s the bottom line?

So how long will mold remediation take, and how much will it really cost? This depends, of course, on a number of key factors—the main one being how badly your home is infested, and what type of mold is involved. Some materials cannot effectively be cleaned, meaning they have to be removed and replaced in order to deal with the problem. This will add both time and money to the project.

Mold inspection and testing are so important because they reveal the exact nature of the problem. They give you, the homeowner, a clear look at the financial and time commitments involved, and allow you to make an informed decision on whether to go ahead with mold remediation efforts.

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