Watch Out for These Mold Warning Signs!

warningMold is a tricky adversary. It grows silently, methodically, behind the scenes without anyone noticing. Before you know it, the problem has gotten out of hand. There’s mold on the walls, mold in the kitchen, mold on the tile—mold everywhere!

But if you had known what to look for, you might have been able to identity your mold problem before it reached this point. After all, mold doesn’t appear instantly. It needs the right conditions, and the right material on which to grow. Even though it can be difficult to notice, there are a number of telltale signs to look out for.

A Distinct Odor

One of the most obvious signs of a mold infestation is right under our noses. Mold growth emits a strong, distinct odor—and we all know what that odor is. Musty basements have it, as do wet towels or clothes left in a bundle.

Most people will take steps to ventilate a room when this odor is present. They’ll open windows, turn the fan on, and even use incense or air freshener. While these measures can alleviate the odor temporarily, they do nothing to address the underlying cause. When you detect the distinct smell of mold, don’t delay. Take immediate steps to identify and treat the problem.

Visible Mold

Of course, nothing says ‘mold’ like visible growth! The problem is, the appearance can vary widely depending on the type of mold and the extent of colonization. Some mold looks merely like stains or shadows, while other mold looks mossy or webbed. Mold also comes in a variety of colors, from green and blue to black and white. There is even mold that has a bluish, yellowish, or even orange appearance.

There are also many instances in which mold growth is not visible at all. If this is the case, it’s necessary to look for indirect or non-visual signs that mold is present. A professional mold inspection is the single most effective way to get to the bottom of it.


Excessive or continuous water damage should put you on high alert for mold growth. Why? Because mold loves damp, dank environments. Anytime there is a constant source of moisture in the air—whether from flooding or leaky pipes—mold will take advantage of the situation.

Water stains, heavy condensation, and pools of standing water near the exterior of the home’s base are surefire evidence that mold may be growing nearby. The sooner you’re able to remedy these water damage issues, and treat any mold that has already grown, the lesser your chances of a serious infestation.

Health Symptoms

One the main reasons why mold is so dangerous to begin with is that it presents health risks to anyone who comes into constant contact with it. If, your family members or your employees are exhibiting any of the following systems on a regular basis, mold growth could be a contributing factor, if not the main cause.

Respiratory tract infections
Throat and sinus conditions, including cough and labored breathing
Nasal blockages
Eyes that are constantly irritated or watery

If you’re seeing these symptoms frequently, you may not have considered that mold could be the cause. Unfortunately, it is a definite possibility!


By sharing these mold warning signs with you, we hope to reduce the probability that you, your family or your business will be affected by mold. If you think mold might be an issue in your property, a professional mold inspection is a viable and affordable option.

Questions? Comments? Please feel free to write them below. We want to hear about your experiences with mold!