How to Test for Mold in Walls

Mold existence on walls is usually a tricky problem to deal with. Mold on your walls can cause discoloration and an unsightly view. It is therefore very important for you to consider testing and removing the mold before it turns out to be a huge menace. The main reason behind this is that mold can … Read more

7 Reasons to Have Older Homes Tested for Mold Before You Buy

Many factors such as location, price, design, and structure affect an individual’s decision to purchase a certain house. However, one important thing you have to do is test the house you want to buy for the presence of mold. This is especially crucial when planning to buy an old home. The reason behind this is … Read more

5 Reasons Why Mold Springs Up In The Summer

Although mold can grow at any time of the year, certain climates and seasons facilitate faster growth rates, which often vary by location. The risk of mold is more prevalent in summer months because of warmer temperatures and summer rains.  Sunny days are accompanied by high levels of heat and humidity that occurs due to … Read more

Why You Should Test For Mold Before You See It

Mold spores are generally harmless in small amounts but can compromise good air quality if left unattended. Many people exhibit signs of mold exposure through sneezing, coughing, wheezing, runny nose and watery eyes. Over time, prolonged exposure to mold leads to severe health conditions that require immediate medical attention. Mold remediation often starts with a … Read more

5 Ways to Avoid Mold Growth in Your Bathtub

A bathtub has moisture, humidity, and heat, all of which are perfect conditions for mold growth. Mold has been known to cause damage to floors, walls, and ceilings. In addition to this, mold has negative health effects on anyone exposed to it. Since mold is quite dangerous, homeowners should do everything to avoid its growth. … Read more