Home Mold Test Kit Vs Professional Mold Testing

Many homeowners love doing certain things on their own, at the expense of hiring professionals in order to save some money. What most of us do not realize is that by trying to do some things on our own, we may save some considerable amounts of money, but end up spending so much more in repairs because we did the work in the wrong way or inadequately. Mold testing is one of those many things that homeowners may want to do by themselves instead of hiring a professional mold testing company. This article looks at the differences between a home mold test kit and professional mold testing.

  • Detailed Information

A home mold tests kit is only purposed for testing the presence of mold in the air at your home. However, it does not help know is the actual amount of mold infestation, the causes of mold, curative and preventive measures of mold. A professional mold inspector, on the other hand, has deep knowledge in regards to mold and apart from testing for the mold, they will offer detailed information about mold. They will tell the extent to which the infestation has gone, what causes the mold, the quality of the air in your home, how to put out the mold and what you can do to keep mold infestation at bay.

  • Accuracy

A home mold test kit is never and can never be accurate in its recordings. It relies on single samples that you collect and later transport to a lab for actual testing. A number of things can lead to inaccuracies of the tests kit. For instance, some do not have expiry dates on itself and hence, you may never know if it is functioning properly. The collected samples are subject to contamination during transportation to the lab. In addition, it lacks control samples to compare, hence not very accurate.

A professional inspector on the other hand is accurate since they collect two samples – one for the test and the other one as a control sample. For this reason, they leave no chances for misleading results. They also go to every inch of the house because they possess a vast experience in mold. They ensure that all places are inspected, leaving nothing to chance.

  • After Sale Services

The advantage of having a professional mold inspection at your home is that in case of misdiagnosis, they offer warranty where they can come back and retest for mold infestation at their own cost. They also offer additional after sale services like discounts and other little incentives that can help keep away mold infestation in your home. With a home mold test kit, you do not get to enjoy some of these after sale services. If the kit you are using gives misleading results, you will just have to buy another one. It also comes without incentives that help keep mold infestation away from your home. You also do not get to enjoy discounts on the mold testing exercise.

  • Breakages and Failure

A home mold test kit is highly vulnerable to breakages from the point of shipment to the store near you. At your house, it can fall off and break, rendering it useless. It can also fall off and break when being transported to the lab. A professional mold testing company is not prone to breakages and failure. You can rest be assured that as long as you have hired professional services, they are going to do thorough work that will not disappoint.

A home mold test kit and professional mold testing differ in that a home kit might be cheaper, quick, and easy to use but might end up costing you a lot of money later on. This is because it is not very effective. It might thus lead to underestimation of the mold problem. If the mold problem persists, it can end up being quite expensive to eliminate in the future.

If you look at the aforementioned tips, it is very clear that having a professional mold testing services cannot compare with having a home mold test kit. The advantages it has are open and clear for everyone to see and feel. Do not take chances with your health and that of your loved ones due to mold infestation, just because you want to save some few coins, while in the real sense you are harboring a risk to your health in future. Call a professional mold services company immediately you see signs of mold.