Is Professional Mold Removal a Permanent Solution?

mold removalThe majority of mold infestations in American’s homes are minor—that is, if you don’t wait too long to take action. When the colony is relatively contained and immature, specialists are able to address the problem relatively quickly, leaving you with a lighter bill. But in cases where mold has a strong foothold, the costs of dealing with the problem can be higher.

It only makes sense that homeowners want to know how far their mold remediation dollars will go. How long will the results last? Is there a chance that the problem will resurface in the near future, even after a professional has cleaned and removed the mold? Answers to these questions will depend on a number of variables, including:

Which Company you Hire

The single most important variable is the experience and skill of the professionals you hire to solve the problem. While many of the pros you’ll come across are fully qualified and highly skilled, there are others who leave something to be desired. It’s crucial to make sure that the company you hire is sending experienced, trained, skilled specialists to your home. Otherwise your mold problem could resurface before you know it.

It’s a smart move to take advantage of the free consultation offered by many mold remediation specialists. This allows you to discuss your problem directly with a professional, and get a handle on the costs and time commitments involved.

Your Mold Prevention Strategy

There’s no doubt that prevention is the most important piece of the puzzle. If you’ve never had a full-scale mold invasion, your prevention tactics will keep it that way. If you do have a mold problem, and you hire a team to resolve it, mold prevention becomes even more important. The most important thing to watch for is moisture, both in the air (humidity) and in liquid form (flooding, broken pipes, etc.). Excess moisture is the number one cause of mold infestations nationally.

The Nature of Your Home’s Construction

The truth is that some homes are inherently more susceptible to mold growth than others. Reasons can include your home’s construction, age, and the quality of materials used. A skilled mold remediation pro will be able to identify any unique risks you face, and give useful information on how to keep mold at bay. Many homeowners choose to waterproof their basements or install high quality ventilators to stay one step ahead of potential mold problems.

Environmental factors

Mold needs certain conditions to grow, and some areas of the country are friendlier to mold than others. If you live in an area with relatively low levels of precipitation through the year, your mold risks will be lower. Areas with heavy rainfall, constant humidity, and flooding problems will increase risks. Again, discussing these risk factors with a qualified professional will drastically increase your chances of avoiding costly mold problems.

Making your anti-mold investments count

If you take the time to learn about mold growth, and put a proper prevention strategy in place, you may never have to deal with an expensive mold problem. However, if you do find yourself in need of professional assistance in dealing with mold, you’ll want to choose a company with a proven track record and plenty of satisfied clients. These are great indicators that your mold remediation budget will be put to good use.

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