What Should I Avoid When Seeking a Mold Removal Specialist?

24So you’ve discovered mold in your home, and you want to deal with the problem as soon as possible. You search Google for mold remediation companies in your area and come up with two or three options. You’ll want to choose one as soon as possible, right? After all, the longer you wait, the worse your mold problems could get.

This isn’t exactly the best strategy, and for one simple reason: Not all mold removal specialists bring the same level of experience and professionalism to your home. Some companies don’t use the latest equipment and techniques, and it’s possible that certain companies aren’t even qualified assess and remove mold. If you end up hiring one of these companies, you might end up spending a lot of money for a very poor result, and your mold problems will continue.

The point is, you’ll want to put some effort into choosing your mold removal specialist. It’s the only way you’ll know that your money and time is being put to the best possible use. You can start by reading over the following list of things to avoid when making your choice:

Companies that aren’t licensed to remove mold

Any company you investigate should be able to demonstrate their status as a fully-licensed mold removal specialist. This seems obvious, but it is possible for companies in some areas to advertise and even do business without having a proper license to do so. Licensed companies have met industry standards and are far more likely to handle your mold problem with professionalism and care. On the other hand, companies operating without a license are likely to use inferior methods and tools—and the results will usually be less-than-ideal.

Qualified specialists will usually have good web sites with useful information, and you’ll probably see them in your search results. But it’s always a good idea to make sure the company you hire is licensed to operate in your area.

Companies that aren’t insured

Mold removal is not the safest job out there. Professionals put themselves at high risk of exposure when they enter your home to assess, test, and clean up mold. This means insurance is important. You need to know that any illness or injury that might result from professional mold remediation won’t fall on your shoulders. It’s also possible that areas of your home will sustain damage as a result of mold removal—yet another reason to double-check for insurance!

Companies that have no physical address or support staff

If your mold removal company is a guy in an unmarked truck with a cell phone number and a couple of tools, you might want to think twice before signing any contracts. It takes disciplined training and experience to remove mold properly. When a company has a physical office location, marked vehicles, specialized tools and friendly support staff, you can be fairly certain that they’ve performed many cleanup operations and served many satisfied customers.

Companies with hidden fees

The number of people who actually budget for mold prevention and removal is incredibly low. That means mold is usually a surprise expense, and people need a crystal clear idea of how much they’ll be paying. Reputable companies will provide estimates that are clear and straightforward, leaving no room for doubt. If you run into someone whose fees are difficult to understand, or who can’t give you a fair estimates, it’s time to focus your efforts on companies who can.

Hiring a qualified, reputable mold specialist in your area

If you spend enough time reading reviews on sites like Yelp! and Google Plus, you’ll find people complaining about mold removal companies who did poor-quality work. When it comes to mold removal, there’s nothing worse than losing time and money on a contractor that is not reputable or qualified. That’s why it’s so important to look for these warning signs, and only hire qualified specialists with upstanding reputations.

We hope this information helps you in your mold removal/prevention efforts, and we hope you’ll comment below!