Why You Should Test For Mold Before You See It

Mold spores are generally harmless in small amounts but can compromise good air quality if left unattended. Many people exhibit signs of mold exposure through sneezing, coughing, wheezing, runny nose and watery eyes. Over time, prolonged exposure to mold leads to severe health conditions that require immediate medical attention. Mold remediation often starts with a mold test to identify the presence of mold and determine areas where it is in abundance.

If you can see visible mold, then you will not need mold testing or inspection. In such cases, you simply need to follow the necessary steps of removing the mold by seeking help from a mold remediation company. To help you understand the gravity of your situation, here are a few reasons why you should test for mold before you see it.

  • To Ensure Proper Remediation Takes Place

Mold testing needs to be done at an early stage to determine the location of the mold and the appropriate methods for removal. Some of the common mold removal techniques include scrubbing with an antimicrobial cleaner or replacing moldy materials with new ones. The methods used in mold remediation may vary depending on the extent of mold infestation, and the type of material affected by mold. Porous materials such as wood need to be removed and replaced to prevent mold from recurring. An antimicrobial cleaner is used on non-porous surfaces such as metal, sink, glass, tile, tubs, and toilet.

  • To Eliminate Potential Health Effects

Once you have tested for the presence of mold in your home, you are in a position to conclude whether the allergic reactions you are experiencing are because of mold exposure. If it turns out that mold spores are present in your home, it is most likely that they are causing the allergies. In order to ease the congestion in your respiratory system, your body responds through sneezing, coughing or wheezing.  Mold testing helps improve the indoor air quality in your home since necessary steps will be taken to reduce the level of mold spores in the air.

  • It Helps Identify Hidden Issues within the Contained Area

A quality assurance evaluation that is done during a mold test helps to identify hidden issues within the contained area. Hidden mold can cause serious damage to your health and property before it becomes visible. Mold literally feeds on the organic substances found in drywall, wood and other building materials. Mold growing behind walls can be caused by other potential hazards such as poor construction techniques, burst pipes and roof leaks that often go undetected for a long time. It is always important to check for physical damage, water damage, and musty odors that signal the presence of mold growth.

  • It Fulfills Legal, Insurance and Mortgage Requirements

Proof documents of mold testing are key pieces of evidence that used to receive funding, close out a project or meet the lending requirements. It is essential to obtain detailed instructions on the required testing before conducting quality assurance. Your inspector can also provide you with a breakdown of what you should expect after delivering the samples and when you will have the test results.

  • It Enables Healthy Renovations

Once mold has been detected, the necessary steps will be taken to remove the contaminated material before placing the pieces back together. Since you want the assurance that you will be working in an uncontaminated and safe environment, it is important to carry out a mold test prior to the renovation. Although you may not see any visible mold after remediation, a mold test can help identify any contaminated areas that remain. This ensures that you do not experience recurring mold when putting up new walls, ceiling or flooring.

  • It Gives You Peace of Mind

A mold test gives you peace of mind and the assurance that you are leaving in a safe and healthy environment. It helps to improve your indoor air quality by eliminating mold spores that are floating in the air. Mold growth can easily be detected during a mold test before proper remediation is done to eliminate the problem. Because of this reason, your home will be safe and livable for everyone including individuals with asthma, allergies and weakened immune systems.

Mold testing ensures your general safety by providing you with the necessary information to remediate the problem. The mold test needs to be performed by a certified professional company to ensure proper mold remediation. Mold testing is the simplest way to identify and mitigate the problem if you have a hard time locating hidden mold.