Mold Remediation May Not Be Necessary In Your Home: Here’s Why

When you think of a reputable and trustworthy service provider, whether it’s an auto mechanic or a basement waterproofing company, what comes to mind? Obviously, you want the work to be completed to the highest professional standard, according to schedule, and at a fair rate. These are indicators of high quality service.

But there is another aspect of service that we all recognize as important, yet rarely talk about. This is the duty or obligation of contractors to be honest with potential clients about whether or not a given service or product is actually necessary.

People tend to be wary of certain professional fields, such as auto mobile or furnace repair, due to a long-standing history of people taking advantage of helpless clients and selling them repairs and upgrades that aren’t really needed.

Professional mold removal also fits into this category. The harmful effects of mold, both on physical health and financial well-being, are better documented each year. The vast majority of homeowners now understand that residential mold is something to watch out for; and they know that mold testing, assessment, remediation, and prevention specialists are available to resolve existing mold problems, prevent small scale invasions from becoming big ones, and giving homeowners greater peace of mind.

But naturally, people are skeptical. It would be easy for a mold specialist to claim that a mold problem was much worse than it actually is. Since mold it is not something that most homeowners want to take risks over, they tend to believe the advice given by a professional. Mold colonies are not always visible unless you’re able to look behind walls, under floors, or even in the ductwork.

The question is: How do you know the advice you’re being given is honest and accurate? Should you take the professional’s word for it and budget for whatever mold remediation services are recommended to you?

The answer, of course, is no. The average cost of mold remediation is around $2000. Obviously there are minor cleanup projects that cost less, and major ones that cost quite a bit more. But we can see from the national averages that the cost is significant for the average homeowner, especially when mold cleanup and remediation is not usually included in the household budget.

That’s why it’s important to question what any mold remediation specialist tells you and ask for as much clear and direct evidence as possible. Disreputable companies love it when homeowners agree to full-scale remediation efforts without asking too many questions or expressing doubt. When potential customer does ask the right questions, disreputable companies tend to become irritable and defensive. They know they haven’t been completely honest, and don’t want to be called out for it.

On the other hand, there are highly reputable and trustworthy mold prevention and remediation specialists who pride themselves on making honest assessments and presenting homeowners with clear information that allows an objective decision to be made. Doing your research ahead of time, and asking the right questions when it comes time to reach out, will definitely help you find an honest and reputable company.