Is Your Mold Remediation Company Selling You Something You Don’t Need?

If there’s one thing homeowners don’t like, it’s being pressured or tricked into spending hard earned money on something that isn’t really necessary. This is maddening for a number of reasons. In addition to wasted resources, it means a company or service provider cares more about their own sales figures than your satisfaction and success. They would rather make a quick sale based on false information than give you honest answers and keep your best interests at heart.

We see this in many different industries and commercial sectors. We see it all the time on home shopping networks, and we definitely see it in the service industry. People are always dreaming of ways to convince us that we need something.

People are often skeptical of mold remediation services for this reason. Mold is a tricky adversary because the full extent of the problem is rarely visible to the naked eye. We know that mould carries serious health risks, and can also cost property values to fall. And when a mold invasion gets out of control, the cost of rectifying the problem can be very significant indeed.

So when you call in a professional for mold testing or assessment, it might feel like you are at their mercy. Essentially, they could tell you anything they wanted and you would be none on the wiser. They’re the ones with the instruments and expertise, and if they tell you there’s a serious mold problem behind your walls, or under your floorboards, it will be a difficult thing to dismiss. And the next thing you will hear is how much the mold remediation service is going to cost.

How do you avoid this scenario? Obviously you need to take mold seriously, but you also need to look out for your interests. As a consumer, it’s important to make sure nobody is pulling the wool over your eyes.

Generally speaking, you can tell a lot about a mold remediation company by its web site, customers reviews, and how it responds when you first make contact. If you hire a company for a mold assessment, and they seem to conclude that you have a mold problem without conduction the proper lab testing and discussing the findings with you, there’s a fair chance you’ll want to cut ties and look elsewhere. When you hit on a company that has a wealth of positive customer reviews, a clearly organized and educational web site, and friendly professionals who answer your questions without being pushy, you’ve found a winner who is never going to “upsell” or use scaremongering to sell you what isn’t necessary.

Trustworthy experts are out there

The good news is, there are many qualified mold remediation specialists out there who are not interested in selling you anything you don’t need. These are the companies who realize that honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of a solid business reputation. You can find them by looking for companies with excellent customer reviews, well organized and educational websites, and experience professionals who gave you straight answers on mold and mold related issues.