Does Professional Mold Removal Solve the Problem for Good?

29When performed by a reputable contractor, mold remediation is generally an effective way to stomp out mold infestations at their source. In most cases, it’s also an economical solution. The exact cost will depend on the extent of the problem however, and getting rid of serious mold growth might not come cheap.

In other words, mold remediation is an investment. Naturally, people want to know how far their money will go. Once mold has been professionally dealt with, will it stay away for good? Or will it pop up again in the future, leading to more professional contracts and greater costs?

Given that mold removal isn’t the most exciting way to spend cash, it’s only fair for homeowners to ask these questions. And yet, mold is far too troublesome to ignore. When you bring in the professionals to deal with your mold problem, there are several things that will determine how long your home will stay mold-free.

Did you hire an experienced, reputable company?

Successfully resolving your mold problems hinges on the quality of the professional you choose. For starters, you’re better off with a contractor who has years of experience, a proven track record, strong reviews from the community in which they operate, and skilled professionals at every work site. If a company has less than six or seven years experience in mold prevention and remediation, the probability of costly mistakes is higher. By taking time to research the companies available in your area, and looking for signs of skill and experience, you’ll have a much better shot at lasting results.

Do you have a mold prevention strategy?

When it comes to mold, prevention is everything. Dealing with an existing mold problem is one thing, but making sure it never comes back is a matter of asking the right questions. How did the problem develop in the first place? What are the conditions in which mold grows, and how did those conditions arise in my home? What can I do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to minimize the risk of mold growth in my home?

How well is your home built?

Some homes are built in a way that is inherently more susceptible to mold growth. The use of certain building materials in certain places, or a lack of good waterproofing in key areas, are relevant factors. Any mold removal specialist you consult should be able to tell you where your home’s weaknesses lie, and how to strengthen them against mold.

Where are you located?

Just as certain homes are more susceptible to mold, the weather and ground conditions in certain areas make it easier for mold to flourish. For instance, a house built on low ground is at greater risk of flooding, which is a well-known precedent of mold growth. Areas with high levels of humidity and precipitation will also generate more mold. Even if the cards are stacked against you here, there are plenty of things you can do to minimize or even eliminate the threat.

Keeping mold out and costs down

Nobody gets excited about spending hard-earned cash on professional mold removal. It’s a problem that usually develops due to a lack of prevention measures, and that’s why prevention is so important for any homeowner who wants to save money.

If you do notice mold in your home, and a mold assessment confirms the extent of the problem, your next step is to hire a reputable specialist who knows how to analyze and resolve the issue in a disciplined and scientific way. This is also a great chance to discuss mold prevention strategies; you can be mold removal professionals use such strategies in their own homes.

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