What Happens if You Neglect a Mold Problem in Your Basement or Attic?

Procrastination is something we all do from time to time. Whether it’s work, school, fitness, or any other aspect of life, sometimes we just don’t have the time to deal with things right away. It’s much more convenient to put it off until later. The question is, what will the consequences be? In the vast majority of situations, a little procrastination isn’t something to worry much about. Putting it off until tomorrow won’t have any serious consequences, and when it finally gets done, you can Continue reading →

Mold in the Attic: Prevention Tips from the Pros

If you own a home, you already know that mold is a serious consideration. Left to its own devices, this sneaky invader can cause problems with your physical health, your property value and your bank account. Most people look for mold in common places like the basement or bathrooms, where the presence of moisture can encourage mold growth. There’s a lesser-known place where mold is known to cause problems: The attic. During warmer seasons, attics trap humidity and heat, leading to ideal conditions for mold Continue reading →