3 Signs Your Mold Removal Company Isn’t Doing it Right

mold removalMold infestations are generally not something people plan on. They seem to come out of nowhere—even though the colony has probably been developing for quite some time. It could be that your home is old, or that certain building materials (such as a piece of insulation or drywall) are harboring a mold colony. It could be that your humidity levels are too high and your ventilation inadequate, making it easy for mold to colonize.

Making that call to a mold removal company is something many homeowners will have to do at one time or another. And when that happens, the last thing you need is for your problems to be compounded by a specialist who makes critical mistakes. Mold is something you want dealt with decisively, and although every mold removal professional will promise as much, the truth is that some deliver better results than others.

How do you know who to trust? How can you be sure that your mold removal company is giving the best value for your money? Knowing what to avoid is a powerful tool. Here are five signs that the mold removal specialist you hired (or may hire) isn’t doing the job right.

1. Free mold testing!

Businesses need clients in order to be successful, and mold remediation companies are no different. The problem is, some companies are willing to do and say unethical things in order to secure a deal. This is often the case with companies who offer “free” mold testing. Very seldom, if ever, will a company offer free mold testing and then tell you that you don’t have a mold problem. These free tests are usually designed to sell you mold remediation services. You might not even need such services, but that won’t matter to an unethical company who is more concerned about their own interests than yours.

Mold testing is an important service in and of itself. It needs to be done professional and objectively. That’s why “free” mold testing is often a sign that something isn’t right.

2. Starting too soon

If the company you hire seems to rush in with a bag full of tools and start “removing” mold, you should definitely be concerned. Having a clear strategy, taking proper safety precautions (including plastic barriers and protective gear), and discussing everything with the client—these are hallmarks of a good mold remediation company. You’re not going to get dependable results when the company you hire rushes the process and doesn’t communicate properly.

3. No affiliations or professional recognitions

When a mold removal company seems to have no professional affiliations or certifications, nor any recognition from the community they claim to serve, you know something can’t be right. The most reputable professionals can demonstrate meaningful awards from reputable organizations such as HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List. They’ll also be accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the Indoor Environment Air Quality Countil, and other leading professional bodies.

A Reliable Solution to Mold

By avoiding mold remediation companies who make the mistakes listed here, and focusing on those who have bankable reputations and plenty of positive reviews from past clients, you’ll set yourself up for ultimate success in your mold removal efforts. Also look for companies who have clear information online, organized fee structures, and the most modern mold-removal technology on the market today.