When is Mold Considered a Problem in Your House?

There are two types of mold – common and black mold. Common mold is the type that grows on decaying food such as bread and is usually gray. Black mold, on the other hand, is the harmful type and usually grows on moist and warm surfaces. Black mold is considered a problem since it comes with lots of risks in your life and the house in general. Among the many concerns for many people is when the mold is considered a problem in your house and this is exactly what this article talks about.

When You Start Having Allergies

If you dust your house frequently and you do not previously have allergy issues, but you are now experiencing them, it is possible that this is being caused by mold. Upon the existence of warmth and moisture, mold starts growing in less than 48 hours, a time after which mold spores will start lingering in the atmosphere. Upon inhaling the spores, the body reacts by having the airways produce so much mucus that affects normal breathing. If not rectified in time, mold may lead to serious conditions like asthma attack or even a heart attack if you have a weakened immune system.

When You Spot Structural Damage

Since mold is a living organism, it destroys the structure, especially wood and drywall through rotting. However, this should not mean that any type of structural damage is because of mold growth, but you might want to consider testing for mold if you spot some damages. If there is a chance that mold is growing in your house and is not addressed on time, this may cost you the whole house due to accelerated structural damage.

When You Notice a Musty Smell

In its initial stages as spores, mold does not have a strong smell, and you can hardly notice its presence. As it starts growing, usually after 48 hours or so, some people describe its smell as musty, while others say the smell is earthy and meaty. A few homeowners associate the smell with that of dirty socks. However mold smells like, one aspect that remains constant is that it is pungent and uncomfortable. These smells are a clear indicator that the mold has already started growing and it is just a matter of time before the effects start manifesting. Therefore, it is advised that upon sensing these smells, you call for professional remediation services to avoid the mold damaging the structures of your house and spreading to other uncontaminated areas.

When Your Energy Bills Skyrocket

When mold grows between your walls – the exterior and the drywall, it eats on the insulator in the space. This vacuum acts as a good conductor of heat through the process of convection. This, therefore, facilitates the loss of heat that is supposed to warm the house, thus raising the amount of energy bills you pay the utility company. Some people may argue that hiked energy bills do not warrant mold problems, but you cannot afford to rule it out. This being the case, you must take action fast, otherwise, you will continue paying hefty bills while you still place your house at the risk of structural damage.

When You Paint More Frequently

Mold growth in the house, especially black mold, becomes a problem when it discolors the walls and you have to keep painting them. Since moisture is one of the requirements for mold growth, it penetrates the paint and causes bubbling, which peels off the paint. This requires you to keep repainting. To ensure that you do not keep incurring unnecessary costs with repainting, you should have your house tested for mold. When painting the walls, look for paint that has antimicrobial properties. This acts as a repellant to mold growth.

There is no waiting period before mold can become a problem in your house. This is because mold starts being a problem right from the point where the spores settle on the surface when it starts growing. This is because even the spores themselves are a problem for your health and that of your pets. Experts advise that you should take immediate action of remediation as soon as you see any signs of mold growth in your home. This will help stop the mold from cross contaminating the neighboring rooms. It will also save you money because waiting until the growth exceeds the allowed levels will cost you more than in its initial stages.