Is Professional Mold Testing Accurate?

If you had a dollar for every time some company or TV commercial promised you something impossible, you’d probably be able to retire tomorrow. It seems like everywhere we look these days, outlandish claims are being made. Lose weight simply by taking pills or wearing a special brace. Make millions by using a “proven” system that doubles or triples your investments in days. Make your natural hair grow back simply by applying a special cream to your head.

Are any of these claims legitimate? No – everybody knows they’re bogus, except the people who actually believe the sales pitch and spend their money. They have to find out the hard way that the claims they bought into were totally inaccurate.

So what about something more practical, like mold testing? Does this fall into the category of a hoax, or an attempt to make people “believe” they have a mold problem when they really don’t? Or is mold testing truly reliable and accurate?

As a homeowner, it’s important to find reliable answers to these questions. Nobody wants to end up paying for mold removal products or services they don’t actually need, all because someone falsely told them they had a giant mold invasion. On the other hand, the adverse effects of mold are well documented. When mold levels become toxic, anyone who breathes the air in that home can suffer significant health consequences, ranging from respiratory ailments to skin rash – and even neurological conditions. Then there’s the effect of mold on property value.

Essentially, the answer is yes – mold testing is highly reliable and extremely accurate. That is assuming, however, that the mold testing company in question is reputable and qualified, and has a strong track record of success in their community! The sad truth is that there have been cases (albeit relatively few) of companies who offer mold testing and mold remediation services without having the requisite knowledge and training to deliver real results. There have even been unscrupulous contractors who try and “trick” homeowners into believing they actually have a mold problem – when in fact they don’t. This is the worst kind of violation of a customer’s trust.

When mold testing is performed by a real professional, samples are collected and transferred to a scientific laboratory, where they are fully analyzed using modern mold testing equipment and microscopes. Because mold professionals have so much experience and knowledge, they’re usually able to determine very quickly what kind of mold you’re dealing with, and what the best solution may be.

In many cases, an assessment of your home will reveal that no mold problem is present, and you’ll be able to rest easy, knowing that there aren’t any nasty surprising lurking behind the walls. If there is a mold problem, your qualified mold specialist will be able to outline the best plan of action to deal with the problem, including remediation and prevention measures to make sure the problem doesn’t recur.

The bottom line is this: If you find a reputable contractor with a strong track record and years of experience, you should be able to have 100% confidence in the process of mold assessment, mold testing, and mold remediation.