Has Mold Remediation Evolved in the Last Twenty Years?

There are very few industries or services that have remained exactly the same for the past few decades, much less the past century. As scientific knowledge and technology have progressed, almost every aspect of business and commerce has changed — in many cases for the better. We can look at so many different areas, from medical treatment to home renovation, and see that things are accomplished more quickly and efficiently than before.

But is this true for mold testing, prevention, and remediation? How do modern methods for cleaning up and preventing residential mold differ from those used in the past? Can we say that dealing with mold is safer and more effective today than it was twenty or thirty years ago?

In order to answer this question, the first thing to note is that our understanding and awareness of residential mold — and the risks it poses — has increased exponentially in recent years. The medical understanding of how mold spores affect the central nervous system has reached a much higher level. Also, given the wide availability of information (and higher-than-ever standards of quality control in real estate), residential mold is now an important factor in the documented history of any property. Many states and municipalities now require homeowners to fully disclose past mold infestations when selling or refinancing a home.

Due to these pressing factors, and due to a better understanding of the underlying conditions and biological composition of mold, it’s safe to say that methods for dealing with mold infestations have evolved considerably in recent decades.

Not all mold remediation companies are the same

Methods for cleaning up and preventing mold may have changed, but differences between reputable and not-so-reputable companies still exist. There are mold remediation specialists out there who give straight answers and honest solutions for any residential mold problems you may have; there are also those who exaggerate the seriousness of mold problems, convince people to pay for remediation measures that aren’t necessary, or even worse, cut corners and fail to successfully remediate mold. For homeowners who need to avoid the risks to health and property posed by mold, finding a reputable specialist makes all the difference.