Am I Legally Required to Address a Mold Situation in My Home or Business?

Running a business is about staying on top of things, being flexible, and dealing with new situations as they arise. If you can’t do this, there’s very little chance of success with any type of business. The world is constantly changing and it’s important to change along with it — while continuing to do the things you do best.

But sometimes, in the midst of everything that’s going on, a rude surprise comes up. Something you didn’t expect at all, and would really rather not have to deal with. If mold isn’t that kind of rude surprise, nothing is.

Not only does mold grab hold and, over time, threaten the market value and structural integrity of a property. It also poses serious health risks for anyone exposed to high levels of mold in the air. All of this has been well documented by any number of case studies, and all of the major government health organizations recognize mold as a serious threat to health. If you look at what happens to a lot of properties after a significant mold invasion — even if the problem is dealt with by professionals — you see how drastically market values can be affected.

All of this raises a very interesting question: Are businesses and/or homeowners legally required to address mold issues inside their properties?

The answer to this question will vary case-by-case and state-by-state. It also depends on the seriousness of the problem. If you’re aware of a serious mold problem, and you fail to do anything about it, you might be held responsible for putting your clients and/or family at risk. The problem would have to be fairly severe for this to be the case, and there would also have to be proof that the owner knew about the problem and did nothing about it.

But the point is, why would any home or business owner ever allow mold to reach this point? After all, leaving a mold problem unaddressed would amount to putting yourself in danger, as well as everyone else who comes into contact with the mold. City inspectors will certainly shut a business down if it is discovered to be mold infested, but many infestations aren’t noticed (especially in their early phases) unless a professional comes in and performs a proper mold inspection.

Those professional inspections are actually very useful for homeowners and business owners alike. In the majority of cases, if an inspection is performed as a simple matter of routine practice (i.e. there have been no signs of mold infestation), no significant issue will be found. But those who assume that mold will never be a problem, and go year after year without having their properties inspected, will often find themselves in for exactly the kind of rude surprised we discussed earlier!

Professional mold inspection and mold testing services are the best way to get a handle on 1) whether you have a mold problem, 2) how extensive that problem may be, and 3) how the problem can be solved. When it comes to mold, it’s just not worth rolling the dice!