How to Avoid Mold Removal Mistakes and Do it Right

Mold is already a tricky adversary to deal with. It grows in hard to reach and often invisible places, behind walls, beneath floors, even inside ductwork and attics. Basements are definitely a favorite hiding spot of this residential menace.

But mold is even trickier to eliminate when you consider the fact that some of the mistakes people commonly make will actually cause the mold problem to get worse. If we take a careful look at these common errors — and if we understand the underlying conditions that lead to mold growth — we as homeowners have a better chance of never having to deal with mold as a real, substantial issue in our homes.

1. Resist the temptation to start scrubbing

Mold is not always the most straightforward problem to deal with, and what you see is not always what you get. In other words, that visible mold you see creeping into certain sections of your walls, floors or tiles is probably not the whole story. Mold tends to colonize more deeply, and wiping it out completely involves a more considered approach. Homeowners often grab some basic materials and start scrubbing when mold shows its face; but often times, this amounts to smearing the surface mold around while leaving the underlying problem untouched. As you might imagine, this often makes the problem worse!

2. Ask yourself whether there are good underlying conditions for mold to grow

So many mold problems are the result of insufficient attention to the underlying conditions that allow mold to thrive. Humid, dark, dank and stagnant conditions are ideal for most types of mold; so if certain areas of your home (or the entire home) have these conditions, you can expect mold growth. And if mold is cleaned up, but these underlying conditions are the same, the problem will almost certainly resurface once the mold has had a chance to regroup.

3. Don’t call just any mold removal specialist

Mold prevention, testing and remediation are skills that take time to learn properly. The best experts in your area should be highly trained and knowledgeable. They should have hundreds or even thousands of mold removal cases under their belt, and should approach your problem with a confident yet strategic mindset. Unfortunately, not every mold expert is really a bona fide expert. There are a number of “unofficial” mold specialists out there who don’t actually have the reputation or experience to back up their claims. Look for good customer reviews, a proper web site, and a support staff that gives you direct and clear answers when you make contact.

What if I’ve already made one of these mistakes?

I’ve you’ve already made a mistake in dealing with your mold problem, and you’re worried it might have made the situation worse. There’s no reason to panic. Chances are, you can easily fix the problem with professional advice from a reputable mold removal specialist. Just look for one in your area that has consistently high scores with past clients on popular platforms like Google, Yelp or even Angie’s List. Get your mold problem dealt with comprehensively, understand the underlying conditions, and (hopefully) never deal with it again!