Professional Black Mold Visual Inspection & Detection.

Hire a Certified Mold Inspector to Find Unseen Black Mold in Homes and Businesses

investigations1Mold inspection services are the most important initial step in avoiding the dangers of mold in homes or businesses. The extent of any water damage and mold growth needs to be visually assessed by a certified mold inspector who is adept at toxic mold investigation. This mold inspection assessment is important to determine remedial strategies. In addition, it is recommended that ventilation systems be visually checked, particularly for damp filters and damp conditions elsewhere in the system.

Overall cleanliness should be the number one goal of any toxic mold investigation. Mold on house walls, ceiling tiles, gypsum wallboards (Sheetrock), mold on dry wall, cardboard, paper and other cellulosic surfaces also should be given careful attention during a visual mold inspection. A certified mold inspector uses a protimeter (moisture meter) where necessary to detect for hidden moisture (the leading trigger of mold growth behind walls, ceilings and floors) to determine the areas of potential mold growth and continuing moisture penetration.

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The presence of mold, water damage or musty odors should be addressed immediately. In all instances any source(s) of water must be stopped and the extent of water damage must be determined. Water damage materials should be dried and repaired. Mold damaged materials should be remediated following generally accepted guidelines. It is very important to follow a safe mold removal technique.

Note: If the sources of water or high relative humidity is not corrected or controlled the mold will grow back.

Leaking roofs, misdirected sprinklers, humid conditions and many other situations can result in costly repairs to the structure. Molds associated with water damage can degrade the air quality and can lead to allergies, asthma, infections and other respiratory problems. In some cases, excessive mold growth can lead to the production of potent toxins.

investigations4The problem is often difficult to locate and identify, as mold can grow in wall cavities, under carpets, above ceiling tiles, in crawl spaces, as well as other locations not readily visible. It is important that the water intrusion source be identified and controlled before mold growth becomes a significant problem and to ensure that an effective abatement plan is implemented.

Certified Mold Assessments, Inc. takes a comprehensive approach to performing mold investigations, as many different factors must be considered when trying to identify the source of contamination. A thorough building history and characterization form the basis of the investigation. Clear objectives are established before any sampling or analysis is undertaken to ensure that useful data is generated in the complex area of mold contamination.

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